Upcoming Course:

  • Monday 7th November 2022 (9.30pm - 12.30pm)

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Course overview:

The Code of Practice is the national guidance on identifying and supporting children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, and the legal responsibilities of all settings. It sets out the expected ways to meet needs including initial assessment, action plans and targets, and works closely with the Equality Act to help SENDCos ensure access, inclusion and that reasonable adjustments are made for children who may have disabilities.

 This can all sound a bit alarming! This non-scary course is an opportunity to work together through the early years specific parts of the Code, to look at the useful information for SENDCos and how you may wish to extend and develop your practice, and most importantly to help early years SENDCos feel confident and able to plan effectively for their children and families, and their staff teams. For new SENDCos just beginning the role to whom this is all new, or experienced SENDCos who would like a chance to review and develop their practice, this is a course intended to leave you feeling confident and keen to take your SENDCo work further.

 Course aims:

 Know the key legal responsibilities of a SENDCo in an Early Years Setting and feel confident to assess and plan for how your staff team and setting follow the law for children with SEND.

  • Know the key principles of the Code of Practice relevant to Early Years and also the key principles of the Equality Act.
  • Know the importance of identification and begin to plan for ensuring that no child in your setting is missed.
  • Know how to ensure that a child’s needs have been properly considered under both their SEN need and their access and inclusion needs
  • Know how to assess whether a child may have the legal protection of disability and what this means in practical terms when planning for them
  • Know how to meet and work with some of the challenges of inclusion and to use reasonable adjustments.
  • Reflect on your staff’s training needs and skill set individually and as a whole team, and consider your plans for development.
  • Have a plan of how to work with your key workers and parents for a good quality initial assessment, action plan and target setting
  • Know the key things to evidence through this process for children who may need referrals or an EHCP. 
  • Be confident to incorporate the child’s voice into all planning to meet a child’s SEND needs
  • Know where to look and go for additional information, resources and support.