Our Bushcraft After-School Club could provide you with a different extra-curricular activity to offer to the students at your school. In doing so, the students will benefit from a greater perception of risk and risk management, a greater respect for the environment, an understanding of traditional survival techniques and their place in history, and improved problem solving and life skills. 


Our Bushcraft After-School club can be tailored to any group of students between 5-14yrs old. Due to the nature of the activities, we keep to strict adult-child ratios of one Bushcraft Leader and one member of staff from the school to every 12 students involved. 


Our sessions usually last 90 minutes, take place at the school's or local community grounds, and are tailored to the age and abilities of the group. Some of the activities that the session(s) might include are:

  • Different methods of lighting and sustaining fires safely
  • Different cooking techniques on the fire
  • Tool work
  • Shelter building
  • Water purification
  • Knots and their uses
  • Introduction to animal tracking
  • Introduction to foraging
  • Among others


The sessions would usually take place in the school's grounds or in local community premises


Term-time; any time-slot in after-school hours (3pm-6pm)

How Much?

Sessions start at £75 per session (for up to 12 students), or £60 per session if six or more sessions are booked. 

How to Book?

Please contact us on [email protected] or on 07872 470266 to check availability or find out more information.