Acorn Early Years Foundation
HR & Governance Committee 
Meeting Agenda

Date: Wednesday 24th August 2022

Time: 9:00 - 10:00am

Location: Teams


  • Vanessa Gwynn (Chair)
  • Tracey Coley
  • Zoe Raven (CEO)
  • Sue (HR Manager)



Meeting Minutes

  1. Approval of minutes from:
  2. Matters Rising & Rolling Actions
    - New parent trustee appointed (LF) to join the CLD committee, new chair appointed, and new chair of finance committee.
    - KPIs revised, but need to be agreed
    - SLT salary benchmarking to be c/f to fit in with next salary review in April 2023

  3. Declaration of Interests

  4. Recruitment
    - Further trustee recruitment needed, following Ruth’s retirement and Hannah’s departure. Process,
    timescale and interviewers to be agreed. Potentially including one parent trustee and one specifically
    with finance qualifications/experience   

  5. KPIs
    - To review current KPIs relating to this committee and whether any further review is needed

  6. Staff survey and update on general recruitment/retention/morale
    - To review the results of this year’s survey and current situation with staffing

    7. Trustee governance and trustee training
        - To prepare for governance review and consider whether trustee training required

    8. SLT salary benchmarking

        - To agree process for remuneration review of SLT in Spring 2023

    9. AOB

Next Meeting Dates:

  •  TBC