The children at Acorn Childcare Westcroft enjoyed an afternoon of fun, games and laughter with the residents of Kilkenny House.

The youngsters from Acorn made new friends with the residents of the care home and spent the afternoon singing, dancing and chatting with each other! The interaction for all parties is invaluable and the children’s visit was eagerly anticipated by the residents.

Senior Nursery Manager Kirsty Holmes said both the residents and children really enjoyed the visit and it was lovely to see friendships forming. She said “ Building links with the local community is really important to the nursery and it’s lovely to see the children engaging with our neighbours at Kilkenny House”

The visit was a great success and the residents spoke enthusiastically about the children’s visit for the rest of the evening, further visits are currently in the planning. Acorn Childcare have several nurseries across the Milton Keynes area who all participate in regular trips to their local care homes.