The month of January can be a gloomy one with the cold and cloudy weather – but that should not stop us from enjoying the great outdoors and feeling that sunshine on the inside (or embracing the clouds)!

All our nurseries have been taking full advantage of their weekly forest school sessions (which are included in the monthly fees) and enjoying the fresh air, whatever the weather. During these sessions, children have the opportunity to experience the changing seasons and all it brings, with plenty of time and space to explore. Our forest school leaders encourage the children to develop independence and self-confidence and provide hands-on experience of learning new skills such as building dens, making and using tools, finding and identifying woodland creatures and plants and safely cooking on a fire. On top of that, being outdoors provides a new environment through which the children engage and socialise with each other, sparking new and exciting conversations in their learning journey, especially about looking after our natural environment.

Once back at the nursery, altogether, the children and the practitioners reflect on all their experiences, flourishing the excitement for their next adventures outdoors!