Free forest school session for local children this half term proved to be a real success!

Acorn Early Years Foundation were pleased to have teamed up with Optivo Homes to deliver a course of free forest school sessions during this half-term to primary aged children living in Fishermead or the surrounding estates.

Acorn partnered with Optivo Homes, who provide social housing in the Fishermead estate of Milton Keynes to give local children the opportunity to explore the great outdoors and participate in activities such as bug hunting, den and tree house building.

Acorn's trained forest school team delivered the free sessions over two mornings for up to 24 children at a time– with 2/3 of the children living in Optivo’s social housing and 1/3 from the wider community. The sessions took place on Thursday 3rd & Friday 4th June at Acorn’s nursery in Fishermead, and aimed to support children’s wellbeing by getting them involved in engaging holiday activities that develop their confidence, self-esteem, social skills, whilst also offering them a free meal which the children will helped to cook on the fire pit.

The sessions were such a success we will be looking to offer similar during school holidays.