Acorn Early Years Foundation
Strategic Away Day

Date: Friday 29th June 2018

Time: 9:30am-3:30pm

Location: Tap Room, Navigation Inn, Cosgrove, MK19 7EB

Trustees Attending:

  • Ruth Stone (Chair)
  • Carolyn Norfolk
  • Hannah Evans (Chair of audit committee)
  • Katy Boyd (Safeguarding trustee)
  • Giles Chilton
  • Eva Lloyd (newly appointed)
  • Narendra Laljani (potential trustee)

SMT Attending:

  • Zoe Raven (CEO)
  • Alex Hunter (Head of Programmes, inc QA/Social Impact)
    Morning/Lunch only:
  • Andy Grout (Operations Director)
  • Kieran Glackin (HR Manager)
  • Gabbie Brandon (Marketing & Comms Manager)
  • Laura Andrews (Early Years Manager)
  • Teresa Gardner (Finance Manager – lunch only)

Suggested Objectives for the Day:

  • For trustees to get to know each other, and members of the SMT
  • For trustees (and SMT) to gain a fuller understanding of the current vision/values/pedagogy/social impact/theory of change
  • To discuss and agree a Theory of Change framework and the measures for trustees to monitor the organisation’s performance and social impact
  • For trustees to gain a fuller understanding of their role and potential contribution


9.30-10.00 – Introductions:
Please bring an object or picture to represent your best contribution to Acorn, either as a trustee or as staff member


10.00-10.30 – Appointment of Eva & Agree Objectives/Plan for the Day/Introduction to Theory of Change:
Official appointment of Eva, and agree objectives for the day, amending the plan if necessary.  Alex’s PPT to introduce ToC


10.30-10.50 – Coffee Break (and select lunch from menu)


10.50-13.00 – Social Impact/Theory of Change:
Discussion of the Social Impact Report, Values & Ethos (including Pedagogy), and Theory of Change.  Papers for these discussions will be sent out on Friday 22nd June:

  • Social Impact report, collating the feedback from Parents, Staff, Trustees and Children. (NB Please complete the attached survey by next Thursday!)
  • Values & Ethos as it is understood currently (including pedagogy)
  • Theory of Change – a fact sheet explaining what it is, not the draft format, which might pre-empt a free discussion


13.00-14.00 – Lunch!


2.00-3.30 – Implications for Governance:
The trustee role in monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of organisational performance and social impact.  This discussion may include a review of the skills audit, terms of office and will contribute to the internal governance review/self-evaluation


3.30  Close:
Feedback to be sent by email afterwards, and a review of the day will be included in the July meeting agenda