Acorn Early Years 
Strategy & Impact Working Group
Meeting Agenda

Date: Tuesday 21st February 2023

Time: 13:00 - 14:30pm

Location: Teams


  • Narendra Laljani (Chair)                 
  • Giles Chilton                                     
  • Katy Pillai
  • Zoe Raven (CEO)
  • Santa Svike (Note-taker)


  • Carolyn Norfolk
  • Allawee Albaghdadi
  • Vanessa Gwynn
  • Eva Lloyd

Meeting Minutes

    1. Review previous history of group, and recent meetings (19th June 2020 and most recent strategy day: 17th June 2022)

      Actions agreed at Strategy Day 2022 included: to add sustainability to agenda of each board meeting and to monitor progress; to develop and implement a food strategy; to develop a real estate strategy.

      Emergent themes from Strategy Day:
    • Expansion without diluting quality of care
    • Flexibility of provision post-pandemic
    • Business growth (1 – 2 sites per year)
    • Succession planning for longevity
    • Social enterprise success (get award!)

      Collective ambition at Strategy Day:
    • Remain ethically driven at all times
    • Expansion – aspire to provide quality to as many children as possible
    • Identify 10-15 new settings in strategic locations over the next five years


    1. Create/review terms of reference for the group


    1. Declaration of Interests

    2. Review of current Strategic Plan 2020-24 (and KPIs?)


    1. Agree actions needed to develop impact and strategy


    1. AOB


Next Meeting Dates:

  •  TBC