Acorn Early Years Foundation
Trustees’ Meeting

Date: Friday 25th October 2019

Time: 9:15am-11:30am

Location: Meeting room, Acorn Day Nursery, South Street, Castlethorpe, MK19 7EL


  • Ruth Stone (Chair)
  • Hannah Evans
  • Narendra Laljani (Chairing meeting)
  • Katy Boyd
  • Carolyn Norfolk
  • Giles Chilton
  • Eva Lloyd
  • Zoe Raven – CEO
  • Alex Hunter – minute taker



Meeting Minutes

  1. Approval of minutes from:
  2. Matters Arising
  3. Declaration of Interests – Items on the Agenda

              Reports - For Action or Decision

  4. Draft Strategic Plan 
                      To give feedback on the draft strategic plan and agree next steps
    1. Revised Balanced Scorecard - Option 1
    2. Revised KPI Scorecard - Option 2
                 To decide on the preferred scorecard and agree KPIs in line with Strategic Plan

  5. Business Development (Cold Harbour & YMCA) Update (See CEO Report)
                        To delegate approval of the two renewal leases to one (or more) trustees
                        To agree the process for approving the YMCA lease

  6. Trustee recruitment (See CEO Report)
                         To agree timescale for recruitment drive and identified skills gaps

  7. Review of Governance Documentation (Also see CEO Report)
    1. Governance Review
                    To review and identify next steps
    2. Reserves Policy
                     To review and approve
    3. Risk Management Framework and Risk Register
                     To review and identify any changes

  8. Agree Diary Dates (and times/length of meetings) (See CEO Report)

            Reports - To Note Content

  9. CEO Report

  10. Finance Report - Q3 2019

  11. HR Report

  12. Marketing & Communicating Report

  13. Operations Report
    1. Kents Hill Ofsted inspection Report
    2. Organisational Learning Points from Kents Hill Inspection
    3. Summary of Forest School Business Plan (including Cold Harbour Outdoor Learning Centre)

  14. AOB

Next Meeting Dates:

  • Friday 29th November 2019 (9:15-10:45) – Budget Sign-off