Acorn Early Years Foundation
Trustees’ Meeting

Date: Friday 3rd February 2023

Time: 9:30am - 12pm

Location: Westcroft Training Centre (MK4 4DE)

Present: Eva Lloyd (Chair), Carolyn Norfolk (part of meeting), Giles Chilton, Narendra Laljani, Damien Beedham, Vanessa Gwynn (part of meeting), Allawee Albaghdadi, Robert Prosser, Katy Pillai

Attending: Zoe Raven (CEO), Mark Carter (COO), Santa Svike (Note-taker), Jacinta Ashworth (observer, from Compass, for Governance Review)

Apologies: Tracey Coley, Hema Kotecha-Clarke, Laura Faulkner

Meeting agenda (Word document version)

Meeting Minutes

  1. Re-appointment of Vanessa, Damien and Allawee

  2. Approval of minutes

  1. Matters arising

      Action points from meeting (not on the agenda):

    1. Declaration of interests – items on the agenda

    Items for Discussion, Action, or Decision

    1. Verbal updates from committees & safeguarding trustees


    1. Discussion of current financial situation and outlook


    1. Update and discussion of recent Ofsted inspections, Rowans incident, action plan and changes to the Early Years Team


    1. Henley Strategic Management Programme – discussion of their feedback, suggestions, and the issue of profit/purpose balance (in the light of current finances)


    1. 'Conflict of Interest' policy review


    Reports – To Note Content

     10. CEO report

     11. Finance report – MI for Q4 2022

     12. Operations Report

     13. HR Report

     14. Marketing Report

     15. Safeguarding Report

     16. 2022 KPI scorecard

     17. AOB

    Dates for next meetings:

    (all 9.30 – 12.00 and in person if at all possible):

    • Saturday 29th April
    • Friday 9th June – strategy day
    • Saturday 28th July
    • Friday 3rd November