We are putting place several measures to reduce the number of people coming into the setting, including:

  • Wherever possible, parents will not be entering the nursery building. If children are happy, they will be collected and dropped off by a member of staff at the door. Any settling in visits will happen without the parents, or with the parents in the nursery gardens (accessed by outdoor gates) where possible – see Q3 for more information.
  • Drop off and pick up will be limited to one parent per child, and parents will be encouraged to not bring siblings unless it is absolutely necessary
  • We will encourage parents to stagger arrivals where possible, and, if multiple parents arrive at once, they will need to remain in an orderly queue outside the building and maintain safe distancing (2m) protocols
  • All deliveries will be dropped outside the door for staff to bring into the setting
  • We will restrict access to contractors, agency workers, and other professionals/adults (including Acorn staff not based at the setting), so that people are only entering the setting when it is absolutely essential. Where it is necessary, access will be allowed out of hours or, if appropriate, during the day but keeping to social distancing and Acorn’s hygiene measures. All visitors will be required to sign a risk assessment.