Acorn's Social Impact Model

At Acorn, we are working towards our vision of 'a more caring and connected society' through four levels of change:

  1. The Child - Children are happy and have developed confidence, resilience and independence, enabling them to fulfil their potential and enjoy a smooth transition to the next stage of their lives. By being nurtured in a genuinely caring environment, children learn how to develop caring relations and a caring attitude towards others. 

  2. The Family - The provision of high quality, affordable childcare enables parents and carers to work and contribute towards the social and economic development of their own family and the local community. Through forming trusting and complementary relationships with Acorn, families are supported to give their children the best possible start in life. 

  3. The Community - Acorn settings are socially embedded within the community. They form close partnerships with other people, groups and organisations in their local communities, and participate in community events that contribute to the holistic development of both the children and other members of the community. 

  4. The Natural Environment - All children enjoy playing and learning in the natural environment; in doing so, they enjoy the holistic benefits that the natural environment has to offer, and they learn to both respect and care for the environment around them. 

In order to instigate change at each of the four levels, Acorn Early Years Foundation needs to run an ethical, innovative and sustainable model of early years care and education which is inspiring to others. This can only be done by maintaining a strong ethic of care and relational pedagogy, and by putting the professional development of our staff team at the centre of everything we do.