At Acorn, we offer expert consultancy services for early years providers, childminders and forest school leaders, where we offer visits to individual settings and support with the development of the learning environment, observing and improving practice, reviewing leadership and management practices, among many other areas.

Below is an outline of our wide range of early years consultancy packages available, designed to suit your needs and budgets. For more information on our Forest School consultancy, please click here.

Our Early Years consultancy service can be completed by any of Acorn's senior early years team, all of which have their own unique specialisms and have substantial experience delivering early years consultancy. These include:

  • Laura Andrews (Senior Early Years Manager)
  • Becky Watanabe (Early Years Manager & Trainer)
  • Sue Burgess (Early Years Manager)

To enquire about any of our consultancy services, please contact us on 01908 510309 or email [email protected]

Support During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Are you an nursery, preschool, or childminder and anxious about the Covid-19 outbreak and what it means for you? Do you need support with anything relating to understanding the Government's guidance for Early Years settings, the re-opening of your setting, or the health & safety measures to put in place? 

If you answered yes to the above questions, we may be able to help you! We have a special offering during these challenging times to support settings in need. All support is provided remotely, and is charged at £30 per hour (a 25% discount on our normal fees) and has a minimum commitment of 30 minutes (usually 2hrs). We are also able to provide face-to-face support that follows strict social distancing and hygiene procedures, however this is charged at the normal £40 per hour with a minimum two hour visit. 

If you are in need of any support or consultancy, please email us on [email protected] and we will be in touch to discuss your specific needs. 

2020 Consultancy Price List 

£40 p/hr
(minimum 2hrs per session)

Ad hoc consultancy visit(s) at a time that suits you and that is tailored to your individual needs. Our Early Years consultant will give you a call prior to your first visit to discuss your needs and what you hope to get out of the service.

You can book one consultancy session, or a series of sessions throughout the year to receive a discount on one of our training courses (see T&Cs below).  

£150 per setting 

One off audits, including:

  • Early Years Provision Audit
  • Outdoor Learning Audit
  • Enabling Environment Audit
  • Risk Assessments audit, among others

You will receive a report following the audit summarising the findings.

£200 per setting  Early Years Review (completed in line with the Early Years Inspection Framework). You will receive a report following the review summarising the findings.
From £120 per setting 

2hr in-house training course (any EYFS or Forest School training courses delivered by Becky Watanabe, Laura Andrews, Sue Burgess, or Gemma Goodchild & Donna Glendenning). Courses can take place at a location of your choice, or at our training centre (pending availability)

Courses that are longer than 2hrs are charged at an additional £40 p/hr. 

From £200 per setting 

2hr in-house, bespoke (content can be tailor made to your needs), training course. The trainer will give you a call after booking to identify your needs and discuss and agree the course content before it is written. 

Courses that are longer than 2hrs are charged at an additional £40 p/hr.

The prices above does not include travel, which is charged at 50p per mile from our Training Centre in Westcroft, Milton Keynes (MK4 4DE). 

Terms & Conditions

All consultancy services must be paid for up front, and are due two weeks before the date of your first visit. 

If you decide to cancel the consultancy service, you will receive a full refund or credit note if it is more than two weeks before the date of booking, but are liable to pay the full fee if it is under two weeks. Partial refunds will be offered for any cancellations mid way through a series of bookings, and any discount codes offered would be considered in this refund.

You will receive your choice of a revised date, credit note or refund for any cancellations made by Acorn. 

For every £200 you spend on Acorn consultancy services in a single booking, you will receive a £30 discount code which can be applied to any of our training courses throughout the year. The discount code is issued once payment has been received. 

For example, you may decide to book 2hr visits each month for six months, at a cost of £480 (£40 x 2 x 6) - this must be paid for up front before your first booking. You will be issued a discount code of £60 to use for training courses. If you were to cancel after the first three months and had used your discount code, you would receive a refund of £210 (£240 minus £30 discount code).  

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our clients said…

It is rare that you get to work with someone who shows such unerring passion for what they do that it simply oozes from every communication and interaction that you have with them. Combine this with true excellence and mastery and you have someone who anyone would be privileged to work with, this has been my experience of Becky and she is a real credit to Acorn. Such qualities are in my experience so incredibly rare that they are to be fully celebrated when they are found which is why I am writing this commendation to you.

” Willen Preschool

I would just like to say a massive thank you personally for all you have done for us at Baby Bears.  Becky has been instrumental in getting us our good rating.  The Ofsted Inspector was very impressed that we brought you on board to assist us in making Baby Bears great again, we couldn't have achieved this without you! More so, the Ofsted inspector went on to say, with your continued support, given what we've achieved in 6 months, there's no doubt that our next inspection should be outstanding!!

”  Baby Bears