We are making lots of arrangements to keep staff, children and families safe during the day, including:

  • Both children and staff will remain in ‘social bubbles’, and all interactions with others in the nursery will remain within their bubble
  • We will be considering which activities are suitable to deliver, and encouraging as much time as possible spent outdoors (which is considered a safer environment)
  • We will ensure all toys, resources and equipment are appropriately cleaned between groups of children using them. We will temporarily remove from the environment any unnecessary items, soft toys and furnishings, and any toys and equipment which are not easily cleaned
  • Visits to the outdoor community will be limited, and only take place in areas where it is easy to maintain social distancing with other community members (such as forest school)
  • We are limiting unnecessary visitors to the nursery (see Q2 for more information)

While older children may have already learned to keep their distance from others during the lockdown, we should not expect very young children to keep any distance between themselves and adults and children in their bubble. All children in nursery will need physical contact, whether for assistance or comfort, and children need to feel relaxed and comfortable. They may need additional reassurance and comfort as their emotional needs are as important as their physical wellbeing. Measures put in place to minimise potential transmission of the virus will be done without alarming or upsetting children, and staff will be incorporating new routines such as hand-washing and constant cleaning into the normal day with as much fun and loving care as possible.