Cleaners are being provided with a strict ‘cleaning rota’ to ensure that everything gets cleaned thoroughly. All staff will be provided with appropriate on-site training in cleaning and infection control, and procedures for cleaning toys, resources, equipment and furniture throughout the day have been put in place.


We are making lots of arrangements to keep staff, children and families safe during the day, including:

  • Upon arrival at nursery, both staff and children will be asked to wash their hands, and good hand washing practices will be encouraged regularly throughout the day.
  • We will be considering which activities are suitable to deliver, and encouraging as much time as possible spent outdoors (which is considered a safer environment).
  • We will ensure all toys, resources and equipment are appropriately cleaned between groups of children using them. We will temporarily remove from the environment any unnecessary items, soft toys and furnishings, and any toys and equipment which are not easily cleaned.
  • Where possible, toys, equipment and resources will be organised into three groups and put out on a two-day rota (which means each set gets at least four days of no use and will kill the virus naturally).
  • Hourly cleaning is taking place on all high usage touch points such as door handles, taps, electronic equipment, keypads etc.
  • Nightly thorough cleaning is taking place using chemicals that clean and disinfect.