Delivered by Becky Watanabe

Our face to face courses are delivered at our Acorn Training Centre, 6 Wimborne Crescent, Westcroft, Milton Keynes, MK4 4DE.


This exciting, practical workshop explores the importance of attachment and forming secure relationships with a key person in an enabling, sensory rich and nurturing environment.

Consider how to provide a safe yet stimulating environment where a baby feels confident to explore the curiosities, awe and wonder of the world through their senses.

Be sure to leave inspired with new ideas, delving in and enjoying the ride as you explore first-hand developmentally appropriate activities that stimulate all the senses, including two all-important sensory systems that are often overlooked.

We look forward to taking you on an adventurous journey through the senses, unlocking the potential to boosting babies’ brain development.

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