Delivered by Ellie Collar

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Course overview:

What often worries early years SENDCos the most? The challenges of how they can best support their families when information can be so sensitive, when every parent has their own individual pace and readiness, and when parents of young children with SEND may already be dealing with more appointments, professionals and information than they ever expected to have to deal with. What do you do when the child seems very different at home to nursery? And when parents and practitioners don’t agree? And then there’s the meetings…. The ones you have to lead!

This course is a chance to talk with, network with and share experience with other SENDCos as we look at some of these challenges and at you building up your own range of ideas, strategies and tools that can help you as a SENDCo to feel more confident when working with your families, and with leading quality meetings.

Learning Outcomes

· Have a deeper insight into some of the challenges that families with young children with SEND may experience, to help you in matching the right support to the right family

· Have a range of ideas for finding shared ground and positive working together when not everyone agrees on the best way forward for the child.

· Have strategies and ideas of how you can support someone who is feeling overwhelmed or frustrated, while also taking care of yourself and your staff team

· Support parents with tricky situations such as impact on other siblings or disagreement from other family members and know some resources to suggest to them

· Know what makes for an effective meeting, and quality in meetings

· Have a plan of where to start to build your own confidence in planning and leading meetings that achieve what you need them to

· Have a range of strategies and ideas to add to your tool kit to address some of the common challenges of joint working with other agencies for the best outcomes for your family.

Who should attend this course?

This course is perfect for SENDco's who need to top up or refresh their SEND knowledge as this course forms an essential part of the SENDco role.