We are so proud to share that our Stanwick nursery has achieved their 2024 Eco-Schools Green Flag Award!

This award is an international accreditation that recognises young people's environmental actions! The programme itself empowers and engages children (as well as staff teams and therefore families) in important environmental issues, teaches great responsibility and generates a sense of community, as well as develops the skills and knowledge children need to play an active role in protecting our environment now and throughout their lifetimes!

Congratulations to all the children and the staff at the nursery and a big well done to their eco-lead Michele for leading sustainable initiatives so wonderfully at Stanwick nursery, and for helping the nursery to achieve this award for the second year in a row! This year the nursery continued to focus on the topics of biodiversity and marine, as well as picking the new topic of litter to explore!

(a bird feeder the Squirrels children made to support different birds)


(a pond habitat the nursery created and the different wildlife that has been enjoying it)

A snippet from Eco-Schools' feedback:

“You’ve inspired enthusiastic young environmentalists who are excited about sustainability and empowered to make a difference, so it’s no surprise children’s engagement has been a highlight of your journey. Your application really highlights your Eco-Committee’s unwavering determination to create positive impacts in the nursery, local community, and beyond.”

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