We are so proud to share that our Burton Latimer nursery have been awarded their Eco-Schools Green Flag, with a distinction!

This international accreditation is a huge achievement that recognises young people's environmental actions! Big well done and congratulations to all the children and the staff at the nursery and our eco-leads Julie and Zsa for leading a proactive and inclusive eco-committee at Burton Latimer nursery!

Some of the feedback Burton Latimer received alongside their award:

  • “It is wonderful to hear that the children have developed their confidence and skills in leadership, active citizenship and how to work in a team! It is clear that your approach to the Eco-Committee demonstrates a proactive, inclusive and educational approach to the programme. It is impressive to see!”
  • “We love that you have created a forum for parents to share their views with you within the nursery enabling them to offer ideas that you can all work on. This approach shows how valued and embedded the ideas underpinning the Eco-Schools programme are in your nursery!”
  • “You’ve clearly taken great efforts to connect your litter, biodiversity and waste projects happening across the nursery and embedding work into curriculum and everyday nursery life in a really impactful way. This is really inspiring and clever.”
  • “It is wonderful that the children have been encouraged to take autonomy of their garden and learn the importance of watering the plants and taking care of them. This kind of creative and practical pedagogical work hopefully helps the children to create lovely memories and approach these important topics in fresh and relevant ways, and is a great way to encourage them to take pride and ownership of their local environment.”
  • “You've also clearly looked both internally and externally and engaged with a range of different stakeholders, including that you have worked alongside your local councillors who have engaged with you in your fight against litter. You have engaged with a family member of the nursery who collects clothing. You have collected litter around the grounds of the local residential care home and shared your ideas about how you can create a better community. We have been involved with our local forest school area in supporting engagement within the wider community.”
  • “It is great that you have worked alongside the local community to create a better environment and that you also have a relationship with your local government to support your local community. This kind of work is a good example of the collaborative approach we will all need to adopt to help protect and improve our environment - your application made us feel really positive for the future!”