We are so proud to share that our Sharnbrook nursery has achieved their Eco-Schools Green Flag Award with Merit accreditation!

This award is an international accreditation that recognises young people's environmental actions! The programme itself empowers and engages young people in important environmental issues, teaches great responsibility and generates a sense of community, as well as develops the skills and knowledge young people need to play an active role in protecting our environment now and throughout their lifetimes!

Huge well done and congratulations to all the children and the staff at the nursery and our eco-lead Daniela for leading an enthusiastic and dedicated eco-committee at our Sharnbrook nursery!

Some of the feedback Sharnbrook nursery received from Eco-Schools:

  • “We were impressed to see that your Action Plan foci were informed by the children’s interest and voice – this is a clear testament to how you are putting your young people at the heart of the programme."
  • “We commend how you are using your outdoor resources, such as your water butt, as anchors for your environmental education provision.”
  • “We have no doubt that the way your Eco-Schools work is guiding children along their path to becoming curious, caring and compassionate young eco-citizens must be an immense source of pride for you all at Acorn!