We are so proud to share that our Stony Stratford nursery has achieved their 2023 Eco-Schools Green Flag Award!

This award is an international accreditation that recognises young people's environmental actions! The programme itself empowers and engages young people (as well as staff teams and therefore families) in important environmental issues, teaches great responsibility and generates a sense of community, as well as develops the skills and knowledge children need to play an active role in protecting our environment now and throughout their lifetimes!

Congratulations to all the children and the staff at the nursery for leading sustainable initiatives and for achieving this award for the first time!

Snippets from Eco-Schools' feedback:

"It's very impressive that you have formed such a large Eco-Committee. It shows that young people in your nursery are aware of environmental issues and are committed to being active and creating positive change. This knowledge and attitude has provided your nursery with excellent foundations for the many successes that you've achieved this year."

"We also love the inclusive approach you've taken to setting your Eco-Committee. This sets a positive and encouraging tone for your work, which support a collaborative and community ethos, vital in maximising impacts." 

"Staff members should be proud for providing the children with a good awareness of environmental issues and strong foundations for them to build on as they progress to school and hopefully continue their journey as environmentalists. Your greatest successes link clearly to the experiences of the children. We loved reading about your success in improving awareness, opportunities and enthusiasm across your setting and your families!" 

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