As part of our commitment to the development of our staff, we hold four training days every year, covering a variety of sessions that develop skills, knowledge confidence and provides up-to-date changes within the Early Years sector. This year, we held a training day on Wednesday 27th July for our Northamptonshire & Bedfordshire nurseries and another on Thursday 28th July for our nurseries in Milton Keynes. Thank you so much to all our trainers who provided very thought-provoking, inspiring and engaging sessions for our staff!


This year we welcomed…

  • Julie Mountain from 'Play, Learning, Life' who delivered a very interactive and hands-on course on outdoor play and supporting physical activity.
  • Ellie Collar whose session focused on self-regulation and supporting behaviour.
  • Nikki Jameson from 'The Signing Company' who delivered a more in-depth course on signing specifically for babies.
  • Kirstine Beeley from 'Playing To Learn' who delivered a session on the importance of child-centred learning.


We also held sessions delivered by our internal trainers. Here are some of them:

  • Laura Andrews who delivered learning about awe, wonder and discovery play.
  • Becky Watanabe who delivered a highly requested course on intent, implementation and impact of the curriculum.
  • Neave Taylor and Sue Fenton who delivered a session on effective team working and specifically the importance of knowing your team.


Over 95% of staff rated their courses as very good or good in all aspects! Here is some of their feedback:

  • “Brilliant. Can really take it all with me”
  • “I really enjoyed the teaching and felt I learnt a lot from the few hours”
  • “Love training with my own team - feel more confident to speak, discuss and debate.”
  • “Great trainer and I feel a lot more confident with the topic”
  • “The content of the course as an overall was amazing. It gave me that reassurance as a practitioner to be able to know what to do. The quality of information given was great and the practical activity was very good - really engaging”

What brilliant two days of our summer training complete!

To find out about the courses we offer, click here.