Our Eco-Committee has some more good news to announce! Not only did our Sharnbrook nursery achieve their Eco-Schools Green Flag award a couple of months ago, they have now also been awarded the ‘Water School of the Year’ award! As part of the Eco-Schools programme, eco-leads choose 3 topics (out of 10) that they focus on with the children throughout the year – for example water, biodiversity and waste. These aim to break down the bigger topic of climate change, into more digestible chunks!

Our Sharnbrook nursery has been recognised for their work within the topic of water, which is all about valuing and preserving our most important resource.

Comment from Eco-Schools:

"We were incredibly impressed by the work of your pupils last year and you’re a more-than-deserving recipient of the award. Great work from start to finish! You and your pupils can feel immensely proud of the great work that you’ve put in. We’re very lucky to have you engaged with our programme!”

Click here to watch Sharnbrook's mention in the Eco-Schools Awards ceremony (video section 22:08 – 23:33).

AND on top of this, Sharnbrook has been mentioned in the official Eco-Schools Impact Report 2021/22! Check it out on page 34-35: https://c-6.net/virtualdocs/eco-schools_impactreport2021-2022/

Huge well done and congratulations to all the children and staff at Sharnbrook, as well their eco-lead Daniela for driving this excellent achievement!