Although some local authority funding is available to support children that have been identified as having special educational needs, by providing one-to-one support, there are often cases where this funding is insufficient to cover a child's attendance at nursery, or there is a time lag while we are waiting for an application for funding to be processed. We also recognise that there are some children who do not fulfil the criteria for additional local authority funding but who really need more one-to-one time than we can provide with normal staff ratios. In order to meet the needs of these children, and particularly to ensure that we can support families to continue working, despite the limitations of local authority funding, we are establishing a fund for children with additional needs to supplement the existing available support. This will enable us to extend the hours that we can accept children who are dependent on having one-to-one support in nursery, and will also allow us to provide additional support for a wider range of children. 

Target Amount: Ongoing - all money donated to this cause will be used on meeting the costs of extra support for children with additional needs.

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