We are currently looking for a permanent site from which to deliver our Forest School programme, holiday club and training. We are looking for;

  • Area/size – acreage or hectares – 3-4 Acres would allow us to rotate the site to help with environmental management, but this is negotiable.
  • Location – Around the three counties, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire.
  • Access – At the very least, enough room to park a minibus plus two cars, but ideally parking for up to ten cars.
  • Type of wood –  Ideally not fully coniferous. A deciduous woodland of Oak and Ash with an understorey of Hazel would be ideal.
  • Allowable activity – Fires and tree climbing are essential activities which would need to be permissible. Educational activities for groups of children is essential.
  • Water source – Preferable, but not essential.
  • Composting toilets – Preferable, but not essential. Permission to construct some would be ideal.
  • Overnight camping – Potentially, though this is not a priority at this point