At Acorn we are always looking for new opportunities. Recently we have formed strategic partnerships to develop a new nursery located on the same site as a retirement village in Stony Stratford being developed by McCarthy and Stone, nationally recognised for this type of retirement provision. We are also teaming up with YMCAMK who are redeveloping their site in central Milton Keynes and part of their scheme will deliver a nursery which we will manage. 

In terms of new settings our development criteria are:

  • Preferably leasehold, with a lease of 15 to 20 years.
  • Square meterage – 200 sqm of interior free play space not including fixtures and fitting i.e storage, sinks etc.
  • Outdoor space – minimum 100 sqm of outdoor play space.
  • Sustainable build – use of sustainable materials and ideally the incorporation of renewable energy sources i.e. air source heat pumps, solar panels.
  • Within reach of housing.
  • Within reach of a significant workforce
  • Ease of access for customers dropping off and car parking for staff.