Do you want to fully embed the forest school ethos in to your setting? Well at Acorn we have come up with an innovative way to help you do it! After years of experience we have come to learn that the highest impact is had when all staff have an understanding of the forest school ethos and how to implement it in practice. That is why we have designed a course that will enable you to train your whole staff team to the different forest school qualification levels whilst minimising costs. 

What do you get?

By completing our qualify your team course, you will get:

  • 1-3 qualified Forest School Leaders
  • 3-6 qualified Forest School Assistants
  • 8-12 staff with Level 1 Forest School Awards

How it works? 

Key features of our 'Qualify your Team' course are:

  • Between six and eight training days in total, broken down below. All three levels will attend the first few training days together, with levels two and three attending a couple of days together, and the Level 3 trainees attending the final days on their own. 
    • Level 1 trainees - attend 2-3 training days
    • Level 2 trainees - attend 5 training days
    • Level 3 trainees - attend 6-8 training days
      • If six training days are chosen, then the remaining hours will be made up using flexible approaches, such as visiting Acorn settings, attending specific short courses, joining other groups, etc. 
  • The expected time taken to qualify all levels is 12 months:
    • 3-6 months for the Level 1 qualifications
    • 6-8 months for the Level 2 qualifications
    • 8-12 months for the Level 3 qualifications
  • Every training day consists of both theoretical and practical elements
  • The training can take place at your own setting or the Acorn Training Centre in Milton Keynes 

For more information on each of the different levels, please refer to the individual pages:

How much does it cost?

Quotes fluctuate significantly depending on the number of trainees at each level and the structure of your individual course, but as a rough estimate you could expect to be charged between £4200 - £6000 for everything included. 

For more information, or to receive a quote, please contact us by emailing [email protected] or call us on 01908 510309