Acorn is committed to working in partnership with a wide range of organisations and professionals to ensure children get the best start in life. 

Why do we work in partnership? 

There are many reasons for working in partnership with other organisations and professionals, including:

  • To support the individual learning and development needs of our children 
  • To ensure we are promoting and safeguarding the welfare of all our children
  • To ensure we are proactively responding to the needs and interests of children and their families

Who do we work in partnership with? 

At Acorn, we work in partnership with any relevant and appropriate organisations or professionals to ensure children get the best start in life. Some of the most common examples include:

  • Children centres
  • Schools, pre-schools or other settings that the children attends
  • Local Authority Children's Services
  • Health visitors
  • Special educational needs specialists

Unless there is a legitimate reason not to, we always inform and liaise with parents/carers when there is a need to  start working in partnership with another organisation or professional in relation to their child.